Health Research Grants


A wide array of health research, funded by California’s fresh grape growers, has been conducted over the years by institutions from around the world to help discover how and why grapes are beneficial to health.  The research has covered a wide range of health topics including heart, joint, brain, and eye health, as well as certain cancers.  To view the list of funded research to date click here.

Grape research is conducted using a freeze-dried whole grape powder, designed to facilitate reproducible data and to provide researchers with a grape sample that is available year round.  For human studies, a grape powder placebo is made available.

Each fall, Letters of Intent are solicited from the research community.  The letters are reviewed and finalists are invited to submit full proposals.  The commission’s scientific advisory panel of distinguished researchers conducts the rigorous grant review and selection.

If you are a researcher interested in receiving notification for the fall 2017 Call for Letters of Intent, please email us at


Grape Powder Overview

Grape Powder Usage Guidelines

List of Previously Funded Studies


Published studies and final reports on table grapes and health research are available for viewing if desired, to help inform new research proposals in a given area.  To access this section, click here.