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Tasty Tailgating

Stock up the cooler and go with California grapes to the game! Endlessly versatile and full of healthy goodness, grapes are the top pick for better-for-you game-day snacking. With their fresh burst of flavor, heart-healthy grapes are great on their own or as the star ingredient in these championship recipes. Whether a salad, skewer, sandwich, or salsa, Tasty Tailgating has a California grape recipe that is perfect for every hungry fan. These recipes will have everyone cheering, “Go… Grapes!” Go with grapes every day for a whole bunch of healthy!

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Californians have been cultivating grapes for more than two centuries. Today, 99 percent of U.S. table grapes are produced in California's warm, dry climate that is ideal for grape growing. With 81 grape varieties grown, California grapes come in three colors—green, red, and black—and are in season from May through January.

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