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Kids in the Kitchen with Grapes

Bursting with sweet and juicy flavor with every bite, grapes are a kid’s favorite fruit! What’s more, in addition to their great taste, grapes are healthy too. But the best part? Grapes are fun!


Spectacular Skewers

Spectacular Skewers is a collection of our favorite California grape skewer recipes. As an appetizer, entrée or dessert, there are skewers fit for every course.


Super Salads for Everyday Living

With delicate sweetness and a refreshing crisp texture, California grapes complement a wide variety of ingredients and dressings. For superb salads, adding grapes is a brilliant choice!


Get Grilling with Grapes

Get Grilling with Grapes is a collection of recipes from the California Table Grape Commission that showcases grapes in a variety of grilling applications. Nothing brings out flavor quite like grilling, so let’s get started!


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Californians have been cultivating grapes for more than two centuries. Today, 99 percent of U.S. table grapes are produced in California's warm, dry climate that is ideal for grape growing. With more than 85 grape varieties grown, California grapes come in three colors—green, red and black—and are in season from May through January.