Promotional Programs

Promotion Programs to Support Increased Grape Sales

All season long, Grapes from California are advertised across a mix of national mediums for broad exposure to motivate consumer purchase.

Grapes from California are advertised with the Food Network, in both the print magazine and on television, with the Cooking Channel on television and with Chatelaine and Canadian Living print magazines in Canada.  Print ads and television commercials can be viewed here.  Additionally, there are a number of other ways that the commission provides incentives and information to retailers to boost grape sales, including:

  • Traffic radio tags
  • “The California Grape Report” monthly e-news report
  • “Let’s Get Social” monthly emails with photos and recipes to use in social media

Traffic Radio Advertising Tags:
  Get the Most Marketing Mileage on Our Buck

During the fresh California grape season, May through January, retailers have the opportunity to tag their store name onto drive-time radio advertising.  Traffic radio is available to those retailers who upgrade their ad to a front page or multiple variety grape ad.  The traffic radio tag is a 10-second announcer-read promotional message that includes mention of Grapes from California and retail chain.

Download a copy of current traffic radio tag scripts below:




thumbnail of 2017 U.S. Traffic Radio Tags

2017 U.S. Traffic Radio Tags


Download PDF

thumbnail of 2017 U.S. Traffic Radio Tags – Grand Opening

2017 U.S. Traffic Radio Tags Grand Opening


Download PDF

thumbnail of 2017 Canadian Traffic Radio Tags – English

2017 Canadian Traffic Radio Tags English 


Download PDF

thumbnail of 2017-canadian-traffic-radio-tags-french-final-rev07-18-17 (1)

2017 Canadian Traffic Radio Tags French 


Download PDF

Retail News "The California Grape Report": Useful News

The quick-read, one-subject newsletter “The California Grape Report,” is sent out monthly during the fresh California grape season (May through January).  Each issue has one main focus, which may be an upcoming promotion, ad tagging opportunities, new retail and consumer research or a volume-increase contest.  No matter what the topic may be, included is useful information about any and all promotional programs in progress that can help boost grape volume.




Let's Get Social: Timely Content for Social Media Outreach

Every month the commission will send a select assortment of recipes and photos for use in retailers’ social media efforts, including grape recipes that are perfect for a backyard barbecue or picnic, a wedding shower luncheon, back-to-school snacking, and more.  Fresh ideas for feeding family and friends are always in demand, so go ahead and share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and beyond!




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Californians have been cultivating grapes for more than two centuries. Today, 99 percent of U.S. table grapes are produced in California's warm, dry climate that is ideal for grape growing. With more than 85 grape varieties grown, California grapes come in three colors—green, red and black—and are in season from May through January.