Mix sugar and water in a pan or wok. Over medium heat bring to boil, lower heat and add lemon extract – do not stir. Cook over medium heat for 40 minutes until thickness of honey

Take off heat and mix in potassium carbonate, add salad oil to mixture and mix thoroughly. Mix in cake flour and form into shape of loaf. Let rest for 2 hours.

While the pastry is resting, prepare the grape filling: cut each grape lengthwise into 6 pieces. Bake the grape pieces at 200 C (375 F) for 10 minutes to help reduce juiciness.

After the pastry rests for two hours, divide the loaf into 18 balls (25g each.)

Divide lotus paste filling into 18 balls (50g each). Place six to nine of the baked grape pieces into the center of each paste ball, and seal them inside.

Flatten each pastry ball, then place lotus paste ball with grape onto pastry. Fold pastry up over paste ball and shape back into ball.

Sprinkle light flour over mooncake press, place pastry into mooncake press and firmly form into shape. Bake at 200 C (375 F) degrees for 10 minutes, take out, brush with egg wash, and cook additional 10 minutes or until golden brown.