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When you want an anytime snack, go with a bunch of healthy.  Go with grapes from California.  Whether you're headed to a workout, hitting the road, or hosting a party, grapes go where you go.

Listen to radio hosts Amy Brown, Enrique Santos, and Mario Lopez share about healthy snacking with Grapes from California

Amy Brown Shares a Portable Snack

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From yoga to running, reward your body with California grapes when working out.  Enjoy a handful of grapes pre-workout or post-workout for a shot of hydration and energy.  Mix grapes with almonds, peanuts, or pumpkin seeds – or top cottage cheese or Greek yogurt with grapes – for a grape-enhanced protein boost.  For a healthy snack that’s as flexible as you are, go with grapes.

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Next time you set out for a hike, take some California grapes. Healthy, hydrating, and oh-so-packable, fresh grapes will help keep that spring in your step. Want to indulge a bit? Add some dark chocolate to the mix. For a natural snack bursting with flavor, grab a bunch of grapes.

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When you’re looking for a healthy summer snack, look for grapes from California.  They’re juicy, crisp, and hydrating on a hot summer day.  Ever try a frozen grape?  Summer is the time to do it.  Each frozen grape is like a bite of healthy sorbet.  For a healthy summertime snack, go with grapes from California.

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Need a snack the entire family can enjoy?  Ditch the chips and instead go with grapes from California to share healthy snacks with family.  Healthy and bursting with flavor, California grapes are a shareable snack for the whole family.

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Whatever the score, serving grapes at the game makes everybody a winner.  Treat players to something healthy, natural, and bursting with incredible flavor.  Pack grapes from California into individual, zippable bags for hungry players - and their fans! For a healthy game-time snack, go with grapes from California.

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Grapes go where you go, so for a portable snack that’s healthy and natural, go with grapes from California.  On a train or in the car, pack grapes to go – on their own or as part of a snack combo or bento box lunch – for a healthy snack or side.

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Have a lot of homework or studying to do?  Then make sure you’re ready with a bowl of California grapes, the smart study snack.  Go with grapes from California for a healthy, energizing snack that will keep you satisfied through the hard work.

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Set the table with grapes from California for an added burst of color and texture to your home décor.  Not only do grapes make a beautiful decoration, but your family and friends will love the addition of edible décor.  Try decorating with different varieties for fresh pops of color – from deep reds to cool greens to gorgeous blacks, go with grapes from California for a decorative snack.

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Research into the potential impact to our health when consuming grapes suggests that the whole grape - which contains over 1,600 natural plant compounds, including antioxidants and other polyphenols - offers a range of intriguing health benefits when included in our daily diet. The most significant among the grape phytonutrients is a "family" of compounds called polyphenols. All grapes - red, green, and black - contain polyphenols. They are found in every part of the grape: the skin, the flesh, and the seeds. Simply put, grape polyphenols appear to protect the health and function of our cells. That sounds pretty basic - which it is - but how these influential compounds accomplish the job is both complex and fascinating.


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