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12/05/23 Scholarship Opportunities Offered by California Table Grape Growers

11/16/23 California Table Grape Industry Encourages Permanent Abandonment of Systems Approach

10/05/23 Grape Consumption Benefits Eye Health in Human Study of Older Adults

06/21/22 California Table Grape Growers Award Scholarships

05/24/23 Consuming Grapes Modulates the Human Microbiome with Potential Benefits for Health

04/28/23 Leadership Transition Planned for California Table Grape Commission

04/19/23 New Marketing Managers Join the California Table Grape Commission

03/29/23 Commission to Expand Export Demand for California Table Grapes

12/04/22 Senior Marketing Director Appointed

11/30/22 Grape Consumption Helps Counter UV Damage to Skin

11/01/22 Consumers Consistently Choose California Grapes

10/10/22 California Table Grape Growers Offer Scholarships

10/06/22 Commission Strengthens Commitment to Science and Technology

07/25/22 California Table Grape Commission Expands Global Marketing Focus with Announcement of Chief Marketing Officer

07/11/22 California Goodness Campaign Highlights Pride in Growing Table Grapes

06/22/22 California Table Grape Growers Award Scholarships

01/27/22 Supermarket Dietitian Program Features California Grapes

01/14/22 New Book Shows Grapes a Top Food for Immunity and Brain Health

01/11/22 USDA to Purchase $30 Million in U.S. Table Grapes in 2022

01/05/22 California Table Grape Growers Continue Path to Mechanization and Automation

11/21/21 Promotable California Table Grape Volume Continues Through December

11/10/21 Grapes Increase Gut Diversity and Reduce Cholesterols

10/13/21 Scholarships Offered by California Table Grape Growers

09/10/21 On the Air with California Grapes

09/03/21 Celebrity Chef Roger Mooking Demonstrates the Goodness of California Grapes

06/02/21 California Table Grape Growers Award Scholarships

02/24/21 Shopper Research Data Shows Increased Purchase Of Fresh Grapes

02/04/21 Grape Consumption May Protect Against UV Damage to Skin

08/12/20 New California Table Grape Commercials Launch

08/03/20 California Table Grape Season in Full Swing

07/27/20 California Goodness Matters

07/20/20 Jodi Devaurs Appointed to Trade Advisory Committee

07/09/20 California Table Grape Growers Award Scholarships

06/17/20 Flavonols with Reduced Risk of Alzheimer Dementia

06/04/20 California Table Grape Commission Promotes Karen Hearn

05/15/20 Grapes, Health, and a Healthy Immune System

03/03/20 Growers and Shippers Gather for California Table Grape Seminar

12/03/19 California Table Grape Commission Hires Director of Trade Policy

10/11/19 Chefs Innovate with California Grapes on Fall Menus

10/09/19 California Table Grape Crop Projection

10/04/19 California Table Grape Commission Adds New Marketing Director

07/08/19 California Grape Growers Award Scholarships

03/25/19 Grants Awarded to Educators in California

03/25/19 Nineteen Grants Awarded to Educators in Kern County

03/25/19 Twenty-nine Grants Awarded to Educators in Fresno, Kings, Madera, and Tulare Counties

03/25/19 Three Grants Awarded to Educators in Coachella Valley

02/06/19 USDA Awards Over $2.85 Million To California Table Grape Commission

Prior Years

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Californians have been cultivating grapes for more than two centuries. Today, 99 percent of U.S. table grapes are produced in California's warm, dry climate that is ideal for grape growing. With more than 90 grape varieties grown, California grapes come in three colors—green, red and black—and are in season from May through January.

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