Grape pumpkin dècor

                       three ways to decorate pumpkins with grapes


Halloween is nearly here and it's time to decorate pumpkins. Try incorporating black grapes with a variety of carving designs for a unique twist on the traditional jack-o-lantern.

Grape Hair

After carving the pumpkin, give it a funky hairpiece with grape bunches.  Simply drape the pumpkin top with grape bunches, ensuring that the grape stems wrap around the pumpkin stem and intertwine with each to hold the bunches in place.  Use toothpicks to secure grapes in the eye holes. The number of bunches needed will be determined by the pumpkin size.


Nice Teeth

After carving the pumpkin, arrange grapes in the eye holes and mouth as desired, then push toothpicks through the grapes and pumpkin to secure in place.  Insert the toothpick from the bottom of the grape for a top row of teeth and from the top of the grape for a bottom row of teeth.  Place black licorice in the top hole for a spiky style.


Sophisticated Styling

Carving pumpkins isn't ideal?  Try using pumpkins and grapes to style any table or counter top with a sophisticated touch.  Large, oval-elongated black grapes drape beautifully over a pedestal and with the pop of orange from pumpkins, the table is set with dramatic flair.  The only caveat to using grapes as dècor... the dècor is temporary as guests enjoy the fresh fruit.





Black Grapes from California are readily available where fresh produce is sold in June through January.