Fresh Grapes from California

Easy grab 'n go, premier ingredient, exceptional garnish.

Tangy greens, sweet reds, exotic blue-blacks - grapes from California are fantastic foods for today's foodservice. This fast-paced, competitive industry is constantly faced with the need to innovate and deliver flawless execution of the dining experience. This requires smart strategies and use of products that deliver on more than one level - such as grapes from California.

Proscuitto Wrapped Pork
  • When paired with hot, spicy sauces, the juicy characteristic of the grape offers a natural, refreshing foil to the heat. 
  • When accompanying proteins, grapes add a delicate sweetness, moisture and fresh texture.
  • Unlike most other fruits, the delicate flavor of the grape lends itself to an array of flavor/spice combinations that it carries or complements but doesn't fight with. 
  • There are many classic pairings of grapes with other foods, such as grapes and cheese, grapes and seafood, grapes and chicken, roasted grapes beef and pork.


Here's what they can do for you:

  • Generate add-on revenue as a take-out item.
  • Provide a signature ingredient for sensational salads and entrees - they're always juicy and beautiful, even when heated.
  • Plate enhancement: What's better than a plump, colorful cluster of grapes from California?


Tools You Can Use

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